Reading Advocacy

Questions to Consider:

What is the role of reading guidance in the middle school library?
How can we as librarians encourage students to find joy in reading? Is it just about encouragement?
Should we be building better readers? How does this support our mission, or not?
What to do about aliterates -- those who can but don't? Boys? Reluctant readers? Series readers?


Middle School Girls' Selected Annotated Reading List and Resource Guide

Booktalks and Booktalking:

**Booktalk of the Month** Dr. Joni Richards Bodart
Scholastic Books for Children & Young Adults: Booktalks

Marketing to Students:

Book Trailers/Previews on YouTube, etc.
Reading Lists
Summer Reading
Literacy E
vents: Emily Gray Junior High - Tanque Verde High School Library

Supporting Literacy Instruction in the classroom:

Literature Circles
Woodson Author Study Literature Circles

Specific Readers:

Beers, G. Kylene. No Time, No Interest, No Way! The 3 Voices of Aliteracy.
School Library Journal 42 no. 2 (February, 1996a): 30-33.
Beers, Kylene G. No Time, No Interest, No Way! The Three Voices of Aliteracy, Part II.
School Library Journal 42 no. 3 (March, 1996b): 110-113.

What to Read Next:


Reading Alone Together: Creating Sociable Digital Library Books