Young Adolescents

Questions to Consider:

What are the characteristics of tweens -- young adolescents -- in general, as learners, as readers, as seekers of information?
How do librarians design programs and instruction to entice, educate, inform, and empower tweens? How is our work informed by the nature of the learner?

Readings to Consider:

Lounsbury, John H. Understanding and Appreciating the Wonder Years
Wormeli, Rick. Living With and Teaching Young Adolescents: A Teacher's Perspective.
Teens and Young Adults -- Professional Tips [ALA]

Adolescent Literacy position statement (full-text PDF) from the International Reading Association
Spencer, Donna. Four Modes of Seeking Information and How to Design for Them.
Generations Online in 2009 Charts

What do students say or do that "tells" us about their search behavior? What do we see them doing or not? Comment on this in class. Continue to comment in the discussion.